Diablo 2


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Diablo 2 Items

Diablo 2 has items in categories such as quest items, gems, jewels, charms, weapons, armors and jewelry such as amulets, rings and circlets

Armory Weaponary Class-specifics
Helms Axes Two-handed Axes Amazon
Armors Maces/Hammers Two-handed Maces/Hammers Assassin
Shields Swords Two-handed Swords Barbarian
Gloves Bows Crossbows Druid
Boots Javelins Staves Necromancer
Belts Polearms Spears Sorceress
Circlets Scepters Throwing Weapons Paladin
Wands Daggers
Defense: 30-40 (35 avg)
Ethereal Defense: 45-60 (52.5 avg)
Durability: 30
Ethereal Durability: 16
Required Level: 39
Quality Level: 52
Max Sockets: 2
Magic Level: 8
Unique version: None
Set version: None
Defense: 20-30 (25 avg)
Ethereal Defense: 30-45 (37.5 avg)
Durability: 35
Ethereal Durability: 18
Required Level: 16
Quality Level: 24
Max Sockets: 2
Magic Level: 3
Unique version: None
Set version: Naj's Circlet
Defense: 50-60 (55 avg)
Ethereal Defense: 75-90 (82.5 avg)
Durability: 20
Ethereal Durability: 11
Required Level: 64
Quality Level: 85
Max Sockets: 3
Magic Level: 18
Unique version: Griffon's Eye
Set version: M'avina's True Sight
Defense: 40-50 (45 avg)
Ethereal Defense: 60-75 (67.5 avg)
Durability: 25
Ethereal Durability: 13
Required Level: 52
Quality Level: 70
Max Sockets: 3
Magic Level: 13
Unique version: Kira's Guardian
Set version: None
  • Circlets have no strength requirements, and don't provide good defense
  • Magic Level: This is a property found only on the four types of Circlets, and no other types of armor or weapons, as of v1.09. (Amulets had +2 in this stat in earlier versions of the game.) "Magic Level" is a number that adds to the Mlvl of the monster on drops, or your Clvl on gambles, and determines the highest level modifiers you can get on that item
  • The Magic Level bonus applies only to mods on the circlet itself, not to mods on other items generated while you are wearing it! This misconception appeared on the Blizzard Circlets page initially, and was corrected after a few days, but the myth has perpetuated itself people still ask about it, to this day. The amount of magic level bonuses was toned down in v1.09, the figures on this page are current for v1.09d. The figures on Bliz's page are not updated from v1.08, when the bonuses were 10, 15, 20, 25
  • You can get a Tiara or Diadem only by gambling Coronets, not circlets. Coronets are much more expensive to gamble than Circlets, and you could in theory get a M'avina's True Sight by gambling Coronets, but the odds of even getting a Diadem are very poor, so the odds of getting a Set Diadem would be astronomical
  • Circlets have no in-game graphic. When wearing one your character looks to be bare-headed, which is a welcome change for some players; some characters look nice without a hat, such as Sorceress and Amazon with their long hair
Quality Level (Qlvl) - Chests and monsters must be at least this level to drop the item. Qlvl is also used in gambling, sales and other calculations.