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Diablo 2 General Items

In this section we will look at the general type of items found in the game, such as - scrolls, tomes and potions

Scrolls and Portals

There are two general scrolls in Diablo 2

is used to open a portal to the current Act's town and is used to "Identify" Unidentified items. Magic, Rare, Unique and Set are always Unidentified when they drop from Monsters. In order to reveal the stats the is used on the item. 1 scroll is used to Identify 1 item. Both scrolls can be purchased from vendors or drop from monsters.

Because the scrolls are needed in large quantities and they take inventory space (1x), players can insert scrolls into Tomes

There are respectively two types of Tomes


They can be purchased from vendors but can't drop from monsters. Only from Bookshelfs specifically in Act 1 Jail

Despite Deckard Cain identifying items for free (if rescued), Tome of Identify still finds itself into most player's inventories, for quick convenience and identifying on the sport, without the need to TP (Town Portal) back to Cain

The tactic is often to have 1x Tome of Portal, 1x Tome of Identify, 1x Key and Horadric Cube (to pick up items) at the start of your inventory. The rest is filled with Charms

Horadric Cube


Healing potions

Healing pots are essential part of the game - from beginners to high end speed runners, the healing potion is by far the most widely used item in the game. In Diablo 2, the healing potion heals a fixed amount of Life over time. However, the same poition heals different classes for different ammount. Check the table below for exact numbers.

Potion NecSorDruAmaPalAssBar

Healing Potions also have a chance to double their health regeneration based on your character's current Vitality

Healing potions drop from anywhere. They can also be purchased from vendors. The higher the Act - the better the potion type. Healing potions can also be tansmute in the Hodraic Cube. Check the Horadric page for more info

Mana Potions

Mana pots are another essential part of the game - for classes that choose to cast spells, the mana potion is the only viable way of recovering mana as rune words or high mana regeneration comes later in the game. Just like the healing pots, the mana pots are also recovering different amounts for different classes. Check the table below for exact numbers.

Potion BarAssAmaPalDruNecSor

Mana Potions also have a chance to double their mana regeneration based on your character's current Energy

Just like Healing pots, Mana pots drop from anywhere and can be purchased from vendors. Check the Horadric page for recipes related to Mana potions

Rejuvenation Potions

Rejuvenation potions are the kings of all potions. They instantly restore both health and mana! However, they can't be purchased and can only be either transmuted from the Horadric Cube or dropped by Unique/Champion monsters. The small Rejuvenation potion drops from the start of the game - Act 1, 2, 3 and Secret Cow level on Normal and after that Full Rejuvenation Potion can drop from Act 4 and 5 Normal and anywhere in Nightmare and Hell.

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