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About me

My name is Johnny from Bulgaria and I am a security engineer. I am extremely passionate about Diablo 2 and I've been putting thousands of hours into this website.

I love Blizzard games - Diablo and World of Warcraft and some browser games such as Gladiatus and old legends such as MU Online

About the website

I used to have a Diablo 2 website for a long time. Since 2009 actually. I still keep the old website here. Late 2019, 10 years after, I decided I want to improve my web dev skills and decided to put what I learn into something I love so I decided to update the old website. I didn't like the old domain so I searched for a new one and oh my god - was available. I bought it and I started working on it. Did a lot of work during the 1st COVID lockdown, then i got a little break as the site required more skills than I currently possessed. With renewed skills and after the announcement of Diablo 2 Resurrected - I am now putting everything in the website and it's becoming quite well. I can say that I am the only one out there that is actually providing real items not just images, sorting them by normal/exceptional/elite and I also have a cool switch between a Classic and Resurrected theme of the website. Enjoy. If you want to help out - please submit the Contact form and leave me feedback and a valid email so i can reach you.

Website features to do

  • Acts page (this is huge effort)
  • Polls
  • Classes page
  • Rune words search
  • Monsters page (this is huge effort)
  • Gear Planner app
  • Improve Unique and Set item pages and create tooltips
  • Trading platform for D2R
  • Holy Grail app
  • Users own gallery when they upload their screenshots
  • Bring back to life the pre 1.09 unique and set items from here and here
  • Diablo Quizes and Tests
  • Breadcrumb, probably using this
  • Mercenary calculator for stats. Info is out there, just needs harvesting into arrays and then orgfanized and made into a calculator
  • Make some use of graphics. Especially on a potential Holy Grail App or the Runewords
  • 1.08 items


  • Teeth and Hurricane damage is not ok. Life of the Fire Golem in Nec needs ceil/floor. All skills in the tree need QA
  • Skill calc charactes image is hidden too early
  • Steam embed broken without any change?
  • The Spirit Shroud eth max defense, Duriel's Shell min def, Arkaine's Valor max eth def, Skullders Eth Defense & Eth durability. Game doing wrong caluclations?
  • Reset password does not work
  • Profile and General Items page needs inventory fixing
  • Hit Blinds Target, Freezes Target and Light Radius is not good on tooltips
  • when lightning max damage only varies. Skull Splitter again
  • Guardian Naga and Ethereal Edge max damage +1 off?
  • Steal Shade Eth is +1 , something with .94 rounding
  • Unidentified tooltip needs to have Weapon Class before change and extra durability out of nomral durability
  • I have +1 max damage difference on GF
  • Buriza-Do Kyanon damage is slightly off
  • Item link needs implementation for mobile, look for Ichostring crossbow for idea
  • Socketed blunt weapons (only non-ethereal) are having sockets () before +50% Damage to Undead. Need to reverse it.
  • minus mana on Gull Dagger
  • Ghostflame Legend Spike damage is slightly off
  • Shadow Killer Battle Cestus has Etheral damage shown in description
  • Kira Guardian Diadem is required_level 84 but if we follow normal formula it should be 71?
  • Some set bonuses like Arcannas Tricks the 2 set bonus gets increased on full set. Need to deal with that
  • I need to find a way to sort the magic properties the way they are sorted in-game. Maybe run the array through a sorting custom function?
  • Charged Strike does not get any synergies
  • Sandwich menu if turned on and off will not come up when back to wide screen. This is because of the JS swtich using inline display block.

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