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About me

My name is Johnny from Bulgaria and I am a web hosting engineer (Microsoft Azure App Service) with hobby web designer skills and almost zero dev skills.

I love Blizzard games - Diablo and World of Warcraft and some browser games such as Gladiatus and old legends such as MU Online

Here are some of my works:

Diablo I Fansite

Diablo II Fansite

Microsoft Azure Blog

Gladiatus Fansite

Sunwell Solutions LTD

You can email me on: Click here



About the website

Website is written in html & css and little PHP. The website was previously hosted under the domain for nearly 10 years. I have preserved the old website from 2009 in the Old Website (/old) menu. In October 2019 I decided to renew and refresh the website. Most of the content has actually been written back in 2009 but has not changed - such as Set Items, Unique items, Runewords, Shrines and Mercenaries. The rest is built brand new. Even moving the old website content to the new website is hell of a job as I've had to re-do most of the code to fit in. I am also doing a lot of code optimizations of the old content as it was seriously polluted because it was built with a site-builder. Now the new one is built in a smart and modern way and entirely by manually writing code.

Website features to do

  • Acts page
  • Classes page
  • Videos page
    • Videos page
    • MF videos page
    • General videos page
  • Monsters page (this is huge effort)
  • Skill calculator page
  • Gear Planner page
  • Downloads page
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Unique items do not fit well into the div
  • Make Unique and set item tooltips in JS
  • Diablo 1 Website from scratch
  • Clean current code from HTML5 deprecated items
  • Not sure what to do with the Homepage, perhaps move News to homepage?
  • Make a good diablo style border for the video player and the image lightbox
  • Go through the img tags and add alt and titles

Website Log



  • Uniques navigation re-orederd
  • Fixed Shrines page
  • Added Diablo 1 logo in the footer
  • Purchased the domain
  • Experimented in optimizing the Uniques page but failed
  • Moved the D4 cinematic to Azure Blob storage as it' 2GB
  • Fixed the Diablo II Opening cinematic text to reflect Marius' tale
  • Changed the background of the entire website to the one from the offical D2 page
  • Fixed the cursor issue from the scroll up button
  • Updated the About page


  • Created the Videos/Cinematics page


The first month of the website's creation was mainly design of the new site layout, optimizations on how to use code smart

  • Moved everything from the old website to the framework of the new one
  • Created the page from scratch, now called Ubers & Clone