Page last updated: 15 April 2021 00:23

About the website

Website is written in HTML, CSS and PHP. The website was previously hosted under the domain for nearly 10 years. I have preserved the old website from 2009 in the (Old Website) menu. In October 2019 I decided to renew and refresh the website. So basically what i did is to build the new layout of the website and then port the old statistics such as Set items, Unique items, Rune words and etc. However, then i decided to change this approach completely. I decided to make something that has never been done before for a Diablo 2 fansite. I wanted to create smart in-game like items. So i decide to create item tooltips, hovering your mouse over an item and to show you what you would see ingame. On top of that, i decided to actually use programming objects (in object oriented programming) to actually create the items. So what you see on the website is actually not just HTML dispaly output, there is a smart object beneath it. This of course is huge huge work because i need to manually record all the item stats because there isn't a universal database or API which offers these stats easily. Along with these, I have huge plans on doing the same with Monsters, Acts and Rune Words. But it's all insane work. I am already working on this for 6+ months for hours per day and I am not even half way there.

Website features to do

  • Acts page (this is huge effort)
  • Classes page
  • Rune words search
  • Monsters page (this is huge effort)
  • Gear Planner app
  • Improve Unique and Set item pages and create tooltips
  • Trading platform for D2R
  • Holy Grail app
  • Users own gallery when they upload their screenshots
  • Bring back to life the pre 1.09 unique and set items from here and here
  • Diablo Quizes and Tests
  • Breadcrumb, probably using this
  • Mercenary calculator for stats. Info is out there, just needs harvesting into arrays and then orgfanized and made into a calculator
  • Make some use of graphics. Especially on a potential Holy Grail App or the Runewords

Technologies used

  • PHP for backend
  • Osano for consent management (GDPR) (not anymore, too complex for my needs)
  • jQuery for scroll to top button and item dragging experiments, Tooltip and some AJAX requests
  • Bootstrap Tooltips for generating the beautiful item tooltips
  • Clipboard.js for the Copy link to page button
  • Facebook and Twitter share buttons
  • Lightbox for the Gallery effect on the images
  • StatCounter, Google Analytics and Hotjar for analytics (user visits)
  • Google Search Console for indexing ranking reports


  • Teeth and Hurricane damage is not ok. Life of the Fire Golem in Nec needs ceil/floor. All skills in the tree need QA
  • Skill calc charactes image is hidden too early
  • Steam embed broken without any change?
  • The Spirit Shroud eth max defense, Duriel's Shell min def, Arkaine's Valor max eth def, Skullders Eth Defense & Eth durability
  • Reset password does not work
  • Recaptcha stopped working
  • Login and Register pages will not return errors if there are any
  • Weapon Class: tooltip regex does not catch Very for Very Fast or Very Slow attack speed on the tooltip
  • Login and Register pages do not like the new buildPage function
  • Admin area doesn't work again