Page last updated: 03 March 2022 21:46

Site's Privacy Policy

The website is using analytics scripts that pull out user visitor info such as originating IP Address, User Agent, Referrer and what pages you open on the website.

That's pretty much everything this site does with your personal information which is already attached to the HTTP request you are making to open this website. There are no ads, therefore no tracking or cookies related to ads.


Cookie Expires Description
__Secure_SSID Session It is a session cookie used by the website to track sessions and especially if logged in
Theme 1 Month This cookie is used to decide whether to display Resurrected or Classic/Legacy themes
3rd Party Cookies


Registering for a website account will ask for a valid e-mail address. This e-mail address WILL NOT be shared or sold in any way and will not leave the website's database in any intended way.

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