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Diablo 2 Monsters

Here we will find a complete list of monsters and beastiary of Diablo 2

Monster Basics

Information on Monsters

When you move the cursor over a monster, you see the name of its class. Behind the name in red appears the monster's hit-point bar graph. It shows the percentage of hit-points remaining. The name of the monster is color-coded. White is a standard monster type, blue is a champion, and gold is a unique monster.

Monster Difficulty and Experience in Multiplayer games

Monsters' experience value and Hit Points will change with the number of players in the game. When more people join a game, the monsters become harder, and as they leave the game, the monsters become easier. For the ultimate challenge, fight solo against monsters on Hell difficulty in an 8-player game. In multiplayer, when a monster is created, its Hit Points are multiplied by the number of players in the game: (Life = Hit Points * (Number of Players + 1) / 2). The monster's base experience value is determined by the following formula:

Experience = X * (n + 1) / 2

X = base experience n = # of players in the game

Typing "/players X", where X is a number between the current number of players and the maximum (8), in the message box will set the effective number of players in the game (in single player, open and TCP/IP games only).

Monster Level vs Player Level

Monsters that are a higher level than your Character have an easier time hitting you and you will have a harder time hitting them. You will have an easier time hitting monsters that are a lower level than you, and they will have a harder time hitting you.

Monsters Spells

Monster spells always hit as do magic (non-arrow/non-javelin) ranged attacks.

Can you list Monsters Spells, Spell Levels, and Damage?

Details on the damages are very hard to get so we will probably not be listing this information.

Monster Type

Monsters are either Demons, Undead or Animals. Any monster that doesn't say Demon or Undead is considered Animal.


Some monsters have Immunities to Magic, Physical Damage, Poison Damage and Elemental Damage. This means they have 100% Resistance. A few monsters in Normal Difficulty have Immunities. In Nightmare Difficulty, more monsters have Immunities. In Hell Difficulty almost all Monsters are immune to something.

How can I damage Physical Immune Monsters as a Melee Character?

Melee characters need to use Magical or Elemental Skills or Weapons with Elemental (Fire/Lightning/Cold) or Poison Damage. Paladins can use Vengeance and Barbarians can use Berserk. You can also use your Hirelings such as Act III Hirelings to help out or rely on other party members. Elemental Damage Charms also work very well. Collect high damage Elemental Charms.

Monster Health Regeneration

On higher difficulty levels, Monsters regenerate health very quickly. Start a Hell Difficulty game and attack a monster until he's almost dead. Stop attacking him and place your mouse over the Monster to see his Health Bar. Notice his health quickly regenerates if you don't attack him. You can use the magic bonus "Prevent Monster Heal" on weapons to stop monsters from regenerating. It's important to finish monsters off, and to stay on the same target (hold down the mouse button on a monster), so that monsters do not regenerate back to full health while you're not attacking them.

Monsters on Nightmare Difficulty

On Nightmare Difficulty, Monster Level, hit points, Armor Class, Experience, Damage, Chance to Hit, and Resistances all go up.

Monster skill levels go up +3.

Unique Monsters gain one bonus ability.

Monsters on Hell Difficulty

On Hell Difficulty, Monster Level, hit points, Armor Class, Experience, Damage, Chance to Hit, and Resistances all go up.

Monster skill levels go up +7 in hell.

Unique Monsters gain two bonus abilities.


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