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Website Log


  • Added D2R images for amulets and rings (unique)


  • Finished the Unique Helms! Phew, this is insane amount of work.... i am not sure how I can do all the Unique items out there and then the Sets and then the Rune Words ... and then blue items and rare items...


  • Fixed an issue reported by HotJar feedback (wow!!) where if the theme cookie is not set, nothing sets it and people are seeing empty images on the items pages because cookie until now was not set unless you click on the swtich theme button.
  • Made it to Duskdeep helm
  • Menus are now built smarter, although i have issues placing all the arrays away from the pages
  • Updated About me page


  • Insane improvement on the unique items ideas and the trading platform. Spent 2 days (15 hours today) on this, whole Sunday glued to the PC but it is actually coming together!!!


  • Worked on the trading platform idea. Not bad ideas.


  • Fixed a long time issue i had with some errors on the merc calculator
  • I am exploring ways of using classes for mercs


  • Moved the DB to AWS
  • Found a way to export PHP item objects to JS


  • Updated the Barbarian Helms page
  • Updated the Druid, Necromancer, Sorceress and Paladin pages
  • All whtie items are now done and ported to the modern classes


  • Finished the white Items meta tags as for some reason they werent done... Uniques and Sets need doing


  • I made the switch between D2R and Classic possible! A lot of work now to style the both modes differently. Great success
  • Using new share buttons from ShareThis


  • I am super ahead on the idea behind switching between d2r and classic button for the website!!!


  • I've had some issues with the CDN and still some mysteries but it is operational now
  • I've got myself D2R items images so i've put in place a d2r mode for the normal white items


  • I've been working on implementing CDN for the last few days. So i moved all of the static assets away from the site into a static website, which i will be using for origin. It was a lot of work to do it. Took me several hours of work. So i am going to deploy to live


  • I did so much today that i can't summ it up
  • So i decided to try and onboard Luzas' skill planner and actually made it work.
  • Then decided to experiment with tabs and it worked so i finsihed a tabbed skill trees, just like in-game
  • Took me some time to develop them into usable pieces but now Classes and Skill Calcualtor are using it. Will need more modifications for the skill planner
  • Next step, to a skill tabs on Luzas' planner and then try to implement it into the skill planner
  • Moved the website log into a different page - website-log


  • Don't have a lot of time to work right now due to real work but slowly progresing over the character planner. I am implementing real character stats under the hood
  • I am also getting help from a fan of the site. Will reveal soon.


  • Implemented a runewizard which is done by another developer who gave me permission to iframe it


  • Implemented a restriction on skill levels on the chracter planner. Now you can not click any skill available to you but calculations will be made against your level and how many skills can you click on that level and that skill level requirement
  • Experiments with new inventory and tooltip. Want to get rid of the jquery requirements


  • Incredible. Added click effect on the skills!
  • Wokring on D2 Resurrected Sorceress skill tree


  • Done with the skill trees redesign. They now use images instead of areas


  • I redesigned the whole idea behind the skill calculator. Intead of using a map i am going to use real image skill images


  • Made the skill points with 0 to be exactly like in-game - red text


  • I did a huge undergoing - modernize the skill calculator code!!! 10 hours and I am almost done


  • I am taking some break from actually working on the site but in fact I am very much working on the site :) I am learning how to move it more to Javascript


  • Working on a second planner which will be D2R themed. Spent 6 hours.


  • Did a small change on the character planner. Moved the + stats from quests and +60 life from quests from the outside form to inside the planner. But i did it on the test planner.


  • Did Throwing Weapons, Wands, Daggers, Amazon Weapons, Assassin Katars


  • I think i fixed the admin area username requirement... hopefully...
  • Did Staves, Polearms, Spears and Scepters


  • The site load has gone crazy after Blizzconline. 10x times. And it hasn't fallen for 4 days now. I've also got few thank you notes left in the contact form. This gives me energy to continue with this monumental and colossus endeavour
  • Continued with the White items - Fixed items meta tags and also did the Crossbows and Javelins. Javelins were quite different as they had quantity and do not show durability


  • Made quite the overhaul on the design. I am now using Exocet Blizzard font (still using the old one for item tooltips). Now i use a background for with grey stone from the main site of D2: Ressurected for menu, main and footer


  • Diablo 2: Ressurected announced so worked for 3 hours on the news page. Also did some new art on the site


  • Finally a breakthrough in the custom error pages. They finally work


  • Because of the SPAM on the contact form, i added a captcha v2 challenge. Let's see if it will help.


  • Reworked how the News page works. From now on i will be having separate files for each news article so they can rank up independently in search engines. I have made it possible for all of them to load on the News from page.


  • Implemented a mechanism that will redirect after login page to the previously requested page


  • Created a monsterPageBuld function that will deal with Monster page creation. Will have to do similar with the Runwords
  • Tried to finish the rest of the website's meta build. But huge portions like Items, Unique Items and Sets would need overall touch which will be tends of hours.
  • Made some significant improvements on the twitter and fb meta tags to help make sharing pages nice. Next step would be to have special images for every page.


  • Fixed an issue where users could enter admin area unrestricted
  • Implemented a function that will build the page meta. This is long time coming
  • I managed to do 1/3rd of the pages and port them to the new buildPage function. It's a lot of work. Spent most of the day doing it.


  • Made a quick but significant change on how items are shown (white items for now). I am hiding the descriptive tooltip for only to mobile use.


  • Did the Bows


  • Did the OneHanded Swords. Phase Blade was a little tricky but i managed it.
  • Finished the Two Handed Swords. Quite a work.
  • Finished the One-handed maces too


  • Implemented a Base URL named constant which i need to use as prefix to all media/images src's so i can implement CDN with 1 click later. Took me 3 hours to go through the entire site and do this.


  • Worked on the Two Handed Axes. Everything is going great today, yesterday was a bit harder
  • Next challenge i think will be Swords where Barbarians have One Handed damage as well


  • Working on One handed Axes the entire day. Really challenging with the weapons as they have so many more variables than armors


  • Finished armors, shields
  • Finished belts, boots, gloves and circlets. Now weapons but it's late , 3 am 18 Jan and i am tired as hell


  • Ok now that white helms are finished, i did the armors. Was fairly quick and painless which shows how good the new implentation is


  • I finally made the foreach loop work. This is incredible!!!!!
  • Huge success with doing the ethereal items. I finally have a way to have them as separate objects. Also added them to the automatic rendering of the page
  • This is all white helms


  • I am working on a foreach loop that will help me display all items in an item page automatically


  • I am working on the white helms and trying to make them smart


  • Worked on upgrading to PHP 8.0.1 but i have some errors
  • Will need to do a lot of work to re-work my white items so i can proceed with the unique items after


  • Worked on the Admin area a bit and made some chages there
  • Implemented a visitors page in my admin so i can track some of the visits internally


  • Removed the captcha(currently not working) on the contact form. Also implemented a required field for sender's email
  • Making major attempts to implement CSFR protection. Not sure if working fine


  • Improved the character planner by adding life, mana and stamina and Vitality and Energy stats now increase them
  • Improved the skill calculator js function by moving it to a different file
  • I've made some implementation that tries to remember input fields on the character planner to remember fields when using the Back button (browser or the newly created JS button)
  • Updated the famous builds under Paladin Class page with a Hammerdin build using the character planner


  • Still fixing some stuff around the CSP implmentation. Turns out that all my unique items are using inline styles so i will allow unsafe inline styles for now.
  • Created a last login function
  • Made some improvements on the password reset field


  • Implemented CSP header and did a looooot of tweaking to make the site work


  • Implemented CSRF protection
  • Played abit with the idea of avatars in the profile page


  • Fixed a long-hanging problem with the skill tooltips on mobile.... although it's not perfect!!!!! Took me good 6 hours though


  • Finished the Unique Helms. All went well quite good actually. Still have this damn feeling that i should learn Javasript and do everything in JS. :(


  • Started doing the Unique items from scratch. Used strings to show magic properties, now will aim for the real deal


  • Improved the Profile page by adding an Update Email button
  • Added Email to the Register page
  • Some improvements on the admin page


  • Worked on the profile page a little bit. Moved the reset password from footer to profile page. Also profile page will now give out info for the user logged in.


  • Thanks to feedback submitted through the contant form, i was made aware that Firewall and Blaze synergies were not implemented into the calculator so i did implement them!


  • Did a lot of work on the site to make it readable for high resolutions (2K, 4K, 8K) without having to zoom. And it works pretty well. Only problem is the images


  • Worked massively on the website today. Fixed some stack errors that i had in the code
  • Worked on the Monsters classes. Finished Spike Fiend and Zombies


  • Created a profile page(Just beginning)
  • Created a contact form that will send me an email


  • Strengthend the security of the register and login forms by implementing escape and recaptcha


  • It has been a while since i've worked on the site. Had a lot of other stuff going on. But i love the website and the feedback has been crazy good. So i will try to continue working on it from now on. I just can't stay away
  • Made some improvements on the website security
  • About me page now shows the total hours


  • It has been 1 month since i've worked on the website. Did a half-month vacation in Greece and the other 2 weeks were intense in terms of personal life. I might not be having the time to spend anymore. Will see.
  • Made some improvements on the Downloads page since it's one of the most popular.


  • Added the 20th Anniversary News


  • Finished the Angelic Raiment set page and did a lot of experiments with sets. They are quite complex
  • Fixed some issues with non-numeric warnings on the Armors page
  • Fixed a lot of issues on the unique helms page code
  • Added Anglic Raiment to the Item Generator


  • Finished the Unique Jewels page
  • Laid the foundations of the Unique Shields page


  • Did a lot of work today. First, i made some small improvements on the skill calc layout
  • Created the Unique Charms page. I had old code with tooltips but i had to refactor it completely.
  • Implemented the charms into the Item Calculator
  • Implemented the charms into the character planner
  • Unassigned skill points and stat points light up in Red on the profile page now
  • Created the Unique Amulets page. From scratch. Added the page and also imported it into the item generator and character planner
  • Created the Unique Circlets page
  • Found a mistake in the Etheral calculation on all armors but only in the tooltip. Fixed it. Took me a while though :( Unfortunately, this would also need fixing in Helms


  • Took a week off. A lot of stuff going in personal plan. Not all good though
  • Created the Unique Rings page with the new smart Unique rings
  • Implemented the rings into the Item Calculator
  • Implemented the rings into the character planner as left and right rings


  • Added a section in the Character Planner where people can give some info for the character build in the form of text which is later shown on the profile page
  • Made another media query just for the Items, Unique items and Shrine tables to resize better on lower resolutions
  • Renamed Frost Mastery to Cold Mastery in Sorc skilltree


  • Made some improvements on the Rune Words 1.10 navi table
  • Created the Doom rune word
  • Created the Infinity Wish rune word
  • Created the Heart of the Oak rune word
  • Created the Destruction rune word
  • Fixed some errors for missing files
  • Added the Insight Polearms to the Character Planner
  • Created Ethereal Andariel's Visage Demonhead


  • Added the Ethereal Strength and Dexterity to All white items in the Items page
  • Created the Grief rune word
  • Created the Last Wish rune word
  • Created the Chains of HOnor rune word
  • Fixed a code error which caused Horadric Cube page not to fully render
  • Finally realized how to make smaller uppercase in Exocted!! Applied it immediately to Rune Word items
  • Created the Beast rune word
  • Created the Oath rune word


  • Did the whole Unique Helms page in one breath!!!
  • Did the armors and helms array. Made them available into the character planner and the item generator!


  • Up to Black Hades now
  • Ok Armors Ready!!!
  • Started Helms.... desperation ... existing progress on Helms is not only useless but it will cost me time :(


  • Improved the math on the Unique Armors integrations thanks to reminder of the formula in Reddit.
  • Did the Unique Armors up to Leviathan. A lot of struggle a lot of work. This is exhausting.


  • Huge idea - All Runewords page where i will be pulling the include files of the runewords directly there and will put filtering. Progressed a lot and made the foundations of the page. Ran into some issues like filter's defaul is display: none so this made the original includes hidden so i made a logic where if the URL is runewords instead of runewords110, only then put the filtering div. Quite nice. Spent 4 hours on this.
  • I should probably sort them by level by default. Will need some logic behind it.
  • Made some prettifying of the Skill tree JS code
  • Tried to do some work on the tooltips to make them work on mobile - no luck
  • Thanks to Stackoverflow for the 10th time, i can now make Unique items the smart way. They are entirely dependent on the base white item


  • Changed the font of the skill trees to Exocet
  • Changed the dark/light theme as until now it was reveresed... the dark was called light and the opposite
  • Worked on the switch weapons in the character planner. Implemented the core and added Spirit and Call To Arms as choices
  • Made some improvements on the Rune Words 1.10 code


  • So i made a big change today. I've always disliked the "other" skill calclator so i finally replaced it with the one that i use in the Character Planner. I just removed the 20 skill points cap on this one so the skills can go endlessly. For now, I have assigned 110 skill points to distribute and i have given a Reset skills button. Let's see how it plays out but i am super thrilled to get rid of the old skill calc trees.


  • Took a few days off to play the Ladder Reset but i died (HC) so im back to working on the website
  • Implemented unique class for each body so i can control different background images for the acts pages for better immersiveness
  • Played around with possible use of Rich Text Editor to create news. No real success but learnt a lot about file manipulation with PHP
  • Changed h3 design
  • Removed the Download button from all audio


  • Started working on the Unique Armors. Did some experiments with the first three armors (Ormus, Shroud and Greyform) and decided to play it smart and invested a couple of hours to develop a UniqueArmors class which will be the base for all Unique Armors and will be responsible for the tooltips and descriptions
  • Did All the Armors from Start (Ormus) to Darkglow today


  • Created a banner that i can use to relay messages to the visitors. The banner will sit below the big Diablo 2 header image. It is pure CSS so it scales with resolution instead of using an image
  • Saw a few people not getting full body load (perhaps their connection) but the loading screen i implemented yesterday never went away because it waits for the body
  • Made some improvements on the layout of input fields across the site, including major improvement on the character stats distribution layout on the character planner


  • Added the Mercenary Stats Calculator to the Calculators page
  • Added the Mercenary calculations on the Character Planner profile page as well as portraits and random names
  • Implemented a Loading screen (will decide whether to leave it)
  • Played with the Unique Helms and decided to try out the non-table layout


  • I finally realised thanks to feedback from Stackoverflow on how to complete the Mercenaries structures
  • Completed the entire Mercenary Calculator!!!
  • Re-designed the whole Mercenary page. Also it is now available under /mercenaries. The /articles/mercenaries redirects
  • I am also taking the Mercenaries up on the main menu
  • Merc table is now available on mobile, through overflowing


  • Fortitude Rune Word created
  • Insight Rune Word created
  • Spirit Rune Word created
  • Started playing with how I am going to create sets. Have some breakthrough with Angelic Raiment set.


  • Made the max (20) skill on the profile page stand out by being bold and orange (for now)
  • Call To Arms Rune Word created
  • Enigma Rune Word created


  • I've been given a hint on Stackoverflow (again) how to parse the Mercenary stats data and the solution works well, i even implemented it as a calculator for merc stats but it doesn't want to work with the other merc stats


  • Made insane progress on the character planner profile page
  • Added the Gheeds/Anni/Torch options
  • Resolved the long issue where the tooltips were constrained inside their div (data-container="body")
  • Made progress on including the helms as a choice
  • Added the entire inventory where the charms will stay
  • Resovled the overflowing page url with white-space: pre-wrap;
  • Fully updated the Horadric page to use tooltip items
  • Added a random name for the Act 2 Merc on the Profile page as well as a gif for the holy freeze choice


  • Made good improvements on the skill trees. The skill tree names are now above the tree image but that included huge optimizations on the code. Also removed unnecessary code from the skilltree js
  • Created the Gems page and all of the gems
  • Created all of the Unique Charms, including all possible versions (i.e Random Hellfire Torch, Perfect Hellfire Torch and all this for all 7 classes)


  • Saved all unique helms into variables and into new arrays for easier display later
  • Thanks to Stackoverflow help (once again) I am able to display the all the unique helms inside the item generator
  • Broke the Unique helms page with my changes but intervened quickly


  • Huge success with the AJAX request tests. I am now ready to generate items with AJAX. For now it will be useful only for Item Generator


  • Researched a little bit more on the Twitter and the og elements. I actually played with it for 3 hours and it's kinda messy
  • Finished the general layout of the classes pages. I have them ready for all classes now, including a skill tree calc. Only small polish needed now
  • Made some improvements on the re-usability of the skill trees code
  • Created a General Items page where i included Scrolls, Tomes and Potion info as well as tooltips
  • Experimented with layout for the uniques items... still hard


  • Implemented facebook like/share buttons on the bottom of the page
  • Experimented with automating the fb opengraph meta tags with such a disastrous effect that i lost all my days work
  • Added the news of the new ladder reset to the News page


  • Created the Exile Runw word page. Made some interesting items
  • Created a ebug defense for the Paladin shields, Armors, Helms and normal Shields


  • Added a Stramer Watch page where i will be embedding popular streamers
  • Attempted to create OOP Runes but the tooltip creation is an issue, same as other items. Might ask in Stackoverflow
  • With the 1 min help of Stackoverflow (use return instead of echo) i ported all the Runes to OOP
  • Redesigned the Runes table completely
  • Hopefully improved the SEO of the Runes page


  • So played a little with how to OOP Rune words. Played with Botd. I am actually pleased with the result
  • Started Delirium Rune Word


  • Finished the Amazon Weapons page
  • Finished the Assassin Katars page (huge effort)
  • Finished the Necromancer Shrunken Heads page
  • Finished the Sorceress Orbs page
  • Finished the Druid Pelts page
  • Finished the Paladin Auric Shields page
  • Wow... Normal Items are done.... was huge effort but fun


  • Finished the Wands page
  • Finished the Daggers page
  • Finished the Barbarian Helms page
  • Enabled (avg) for all Armors types


  • Fixed an issue where Melee range was not displaying in any of the tooltips or descriptions
  • Finished the Spears page
  • Fixed some broken links on the Item find report page and removed the unnecessary gallery
  • Finished the Scepters page
  • Finished the Throwing Weapons page


  • Finished the Javelins page
  • Finished the Staves page
  • Finished the Polearms


  • Finished the Bows page
  • Finished the Crossbows page


  • I advanced quite a lot in designing the Quiz system
  • Played quite a bit with the quiz timer. Managed to make it not to refresh on page load
  • Experimented with Filtering items with JS. There is a solution but it's a bit ugly
  • Created the Two-Handed Swords page. A lot of work because of the one-hand two-hand damage. 2 hours


  • Did the One-handed Swords page today
  • Had the idea of a Diablo Quiz app. Started laying out the foundation


  • Did a lot of work today. Spent 7 hours perfecting the Items page. I have quite a success today. Tooltips are ready, as well as Ethereal versions! This is what i managed to do today (retrofitting most of the new code)
  • Helms, Armors, Shields, Gloves, Boots, Belts, Circlets, Axes, Two Handed Axes
  • Created brand new pages for Maces/Hammers and Two-Haneded Maces/Hammers
  • Made optimizations on the Sets table layout


  • Made brightness hover effect on certain images


  • I did insane work today. I actually managed to port the skill trees to use input instead of a, therefore carry the skill tree choices into a GET request and then display all the chosen skills!!!! This is so huge that i can't even begin to enjoy it!!!
  • The result of this is that you can now choose stats and skill tree and display the results and share the link with others to view your build! That's real functionality of the character planner out there!!


  • Started building a OOP class page as the one currently serving is just a placeholder
  • It's crazy but i've split the skill trees inside the calculator on separate images which is basically redesigning the whole bit. Spent the entire evenining doing this ignoring the wife and the kid :(. The benefit of this is that no longer the skill tree calculator is using a single image for all 3 trees. It now uses 3 indivdual images which are now responsive on mobile!!! Another huge bonus is that they are now portable and movable so i can use the skill trees in other pages such as the Class pages!!!
  • Made some slight improvements on the skill trees in general
  • Re-oredered the clsses inside the character planner class selector


  • Did some work on the Amazon page


  • Started building a OOP class page as the one currently serving is just a placeholder
  • It's crazy but i've split the skill trees inside the calculator on separate images which is basically redesigning the whole bit. Spent the entire evenining doing this ignoring the wife and the kid :(. The benefit of this is that no longer the skill tree calculator is using a single image for all 3 trees. It now uses 3 indivdual images which are now responsive on mobile!!! Another huge bonus is that they are now portable and movable so i can use the skill trees in other pages such as the Class pages!!!
  • Made some slight improvements on the skill trees in general
  • Re-oredered the clsses inside the character planner class selector


  • I figured out a somewhat good way of doing the Uniques. Spent 8 hours straight to do this but i finally managed to efficiently do the Unique items. I tried with Helms and in the end i took it down to 15 min/per item. So i did all the helms now and the Uniques Helm page is cool. The Uniques OPP page is 1200 lines of code


  • Realized that i can use functions to create the tooltips of the items and the descriptions within the Items pages. So i've spent 4 hours refactoring this
  • Exprimented with OOP and Uniques. It's not working as expected


  • Finished the Belts page
  • Finished the One-handed Axes page
  • Finished the Circlets page
  • Finished the Two-handed Axes page


  • Finished the Armors page
  • Finished the Shields page
  • Finished the Gloves page
  • Finished the Boots page


  • I did a lot of testing on using classes for Runewords as well. Made some improvements
  • I will be planning on doing Runewords 110 revamping. But first i need to finish all white items
  • Did some armors. Will continue later today


  • I did the Blood Moor zone and it took me a loooooooot of time just for that zone
  • I finished the design of the OOP helms and the normal white items page


  • Ok finished the Spike Fiend page (6 of them wow..). It's a really gruesome work to do this manually by hand. I think I might stop until i found a smarter way to do it
  • Started the Fallen monster type and experiemented with Blood Moor zone


  • I made the Zombie family of monsters but then realized that there is many data sets that i have not thought about so i had to re-implement them. I think i have the final idea of the monsters now. Also doing the Spike Fiend family to test


  • Played with the object oriented approach to Monsters and I finally drafted the Monster class and created a Zombie out of it. Then I made the table that will be representing the monster stats


  • Finished the PHP course on CodeCademy so i experimented with objects all day and see if i can help make tooltips. Made some progress but still can't see if using OOP is better for my needs here
  • Made some experiments with auto-creating unique items tables with foreach ... but to no avail. But managed to made some improvements on the code of the unique pages - table and thead are now in a single file - uniquenavi


  • Played a bit with the css. Made some improvements on the header to scale down along with the rest of the page structure
  • Experimented with mv font style and it can possibly work but i need to modify paddings across the site, so reverted back


  • Created gifs for each of the 7 Class-specific sets to dispaly the Aura that they give on full set
  • Fixed some issues and unfinished business into the character planner profile mercenaries display


  • Created Ancient's Pledge and Black runeword itemswith tooltips


  • Made improvements on the css of the rune words 110 pages. Now responsive
  • Removed the images from runewords 111 so people can actually start looking at the real items with tooltips


  • Did some tests with character planner save profile page
  • Did a lot of improvement. I now have a new profile view/save page where the final results of the character planner will be saved and will be viewed/shared via the URL link produced


  • FINALLY CRACKED IT!!! i solved the issue where the skill tree in the character planner was being highlited when clicked on Chrome by using user-select css property, I have disabled selection on all a tags out there for short!!! I also cracked another long time problem - The reset button in the skill tree character planner was resetting back to 110 but now it resets back to the proper initial value!!! I am so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Another long issue cracked. Oh what a day! Stackoverflow again helped me in minutes ! Solved the issue with the character stats distribution. It now works almost perfect! Glorious day for the website!!!


  • Experimented with unique helms and transferring the existing data to arrays and producing dynamic and static content smart. Did Harle, Peasant Crown, Biggins and Rockstopper. Took me 3 hours :(
  • Improved the Mercenary page
  • Implemented +10 -10 buttons for mobile to devices on the character planner statas. Now troubleshooting why it doesn't remove 10
  • Did some improvements on the character stats layout and troubleshooted the current issues ... to no avail
  • I recorded videos of the character screen ingame and implemented into the character planner


  • Made some logic in the char planner script to check if the char level is > 0 and < 99
  • Didn't like the menu so revamped the whole menu and I am no longer using low res images but colors for backgrounds
  • Along with the menu, did some optimizations on the layout of the page and CSS
  • Article buttons revamped


  • Made some logic in the char planner script to check if the char level is > 0 and < 99
  • Made a new staging site where i will test stuff and only deploy to production if i like it as site hits are getting more and more
  • Made some improvement on the menu buttons with Photoshop. Kinda look better and high res


  • With some obvious help from Stackoverflow I was able to finish off with the Character Stats distribution logic. Now i only need to figure out a logic where you can Shift Click 10 at once
  • Did a huge revamp of the website. It is completely different layout. Took me 10 hours to do it. The menu float on the left has bothered me for a long time and i findally decided to experiment to remove it. The new design has the menu on top and the whole width of the page can now be used. However, for now it doesn't look better aestethically


  • Experimented with generating an item with a tooltip dynamically but it failed miserably
  • I added a Shift key function to add 10 stats at once on the character planner
  • Added a new button that will be removing stats when clicked


  • Secured the PHP session cookie with domain, secure, httponly and samesite settings according to best practices
  • Spent 4 hours improving the includes into my code as well as implementing some more security practices


  • Downloaded higher quality rune images and replaced them
  • Started experimenting with the Items page


  • Created tooltips for all Runes in the game!!!
  • Replaced the runes on all rune word pages with actual runes with tooltips
  • Created runewords 1.11 armors with tooltips


  • Made some UI improvements on the Character Planner creation page
  • Created a form to record hours worked on the site


  • Huge progress into spawning randomly generated items such as The Grandfather and Random skillers on the Item Generator at Calcualtor page


  • Made the basics of stat distrubution on the character planner. However, it is very basic and i have a lot of issues right now
  • Removed the responsive div from the character planner skill tree as it was messing up with the tooltips. Need to fix it


  • Re-made the news page to use article tags instead of tables
  • Made the skill trees in the character planner to have a scrollbars on mobile


  • In a big turn of events, I made the whole Screenshot page work dynamically. Phew!
  • Finished the Video page as well. Only content needed now


  • Did a lot of progress with the inventory


  • Insane progress today again! I ported the other type of skill calculator trees inside the Character planner!!!!!!!!!


  • Insane progress today. I was finally able to port the class skill calculators. After a lot of challenges I was able to finally make it very beautiful - using a map and an iframe


  • Made some improvements on the Character Planner such as calculating base life mana and stamina (to confirm if correct) as well as mercenary info and image


  • Implemented a code to highlight the current page when browsing the Set items
  • Improvements on the Uniques page navigation UI + highlight the current page


  • Made a login/register/reset password/admin page. Implemented login mechanism
  • Made other small improvements to different pages
  • Improved the dark/light theme


  • Significantly increased the security of the website by implementing headers and server security


  • Played with CSS variables to create a dark/light theme swticher


  • Another big day!
  • Finally made progress with the item tooltips. By chance I engaged a colleague at Reddit and he gave me a tooltip idea - Bootstrap tooltips
  • Played a couple of hours and made a Shako and Grandfather test tips and they work great!
  • I was able to use PHP to even put them in variables for easy use
  • Had to play a lot with the bootstrap as it was ruining some of my custom css. Now it's all good


  • Huge day of improvements!!!
  • Finally added the viewport meta tag and my website is now fully responsive
  • Had issues with the tables of course but as for now I am deciding to deal with it by using scroll: auto
  • Made other good improvements for mobile
  • Created a "copy link to page" button with php and clipboard.js but the script is still inline. Couldn't make it in a linked file


  • Replaced all font values with rem instead of px for scalability
  • Fixed the Acts menu and subact pages, were resulting in 404


  • Created a Tip Div with :before statements


  • Started the Downloads page. Half done


  • Registered for the free tier at Osano to implement a Privacy Policy popup


  • Did a lot of work on the margins and paddings of the website as I decided to go with the best practices and remove any browser influenced margin or padding. This means that i had to re-do a lot of the css
  • Created a Share button and experimenting with the og: meta tags for sharing to Facebook on the Diablo Clone page


  • Created the idea of Holy Grail list. It is a whole app that i need to figure out how to code


  • Created an articles menu on the front/home page


  • Implemented a new scrollbar


  • Did some research on the monster part
  • Finally getting close to the monster tables
  • After some research on css media queries I have now made mobile optiomizations for devices with smaller than 1000px width


  • Launched the Item find report page into Reddit and getting a lot of views, fixing stuff while receiving feedback live
  • Splitted the Uber tristram and Diablo Clone pages into two separate
  • Made a radical change in most of the pages. They go under /articles now
  • Implemented a robot.txt
  • Implemented 404 redirection to homepage


  • I've re-worked the entire Set items pages. Every set now has an individial page and can hopefully rank better in the search engines. It also gives a clearer and more neat experience when browsing through the sets. Took me 6 hours of work
  • Created the Classes page
  • Created the item find report (3.5 hours)


  • Worked on the Act I page. Still thinking of the Maps, Acts and Monster designs


  • Finally done (at 22:30) another 11 hours but I am ready. All pages are now using HTML 5 and code is improved everywhere


  • Spent the whole day (12 hours) getting rid of any non-HTML 5 elements across all pages and also huge optimizations on the code


  • Making improvements to the OLD Uniques page as I still value it a lot


  • I am taking it quite slowly now as i need to increase my javascript knowledge before i proceed with the website
  • Laid the foundation of the Character Planner page


  • Added snowflakes falling from the sky in the Christmas mood


  • Fixed a couple of tables with modern html 5 syntax
  • Added raw http header extract function on the About page


  • Added snowflakes falling from the sky in the Christmas mood


  • Took a little break (playing d3 season 19 hardcore)
  • Added a video on top of the main menu
  • Added another news post on the 24 hour progress after the D2 ladder reset
  • Added title and alts to the Lilith images so they can rank up
  • Fixed error pages as they had outdated layout
  • Updated the SSL certificate of the website


  • Uniques navigation re-orederd
  • Fixed Shrines page
  • Added Diablo 1 logo in the footer
  • Purchased the domain
  • Experimented in optimizing the Uniques page but failed
  • Moved the D4 cinematic to Azure Blob storage as it' 2GB
  • Fixed the Diablo II Opening cinematic text to reflect Marius' tale
  • Changed the background of the entire website to the one from the offical D2 page
  • Fixed the cursor issue from the scroll up button
  • Updated the About page


  • Created the Videos/Cinematics page


  • The first month of the website's creation was mainly design of the new site layout, optimizations on how to use code smart
  • Moved everything from the old website to the framework of the new one
  • Created the page from scratch, now called Ubers & Clone

Page link: