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Bulkathos' Children is an elite 2-piece weapon set for Barbarians. 1x One-handed sword and 1x Two-handed sword which wil be one-hand weild. It's not a popular choice for barbarian weapons despite being quite elite in terms of its base weapons - Mythic Sword and Colossus Blade. The reason for this is most likely the lesser overall damage on the Bul-Kathos' Tribal Guardian Mythical Sword.

  Bulkathos' Children  
  Bul-Kathos' Sacred Charge
Bul-Kathos' Sacred Charge
Colossus Blade
One Handed Damage: 75 To 195 (135 Avg)
Two Handed Damage: 174 To 345 (259.5 Avg)
Required Level: 63
Required Strength: 189
Required Dexterity: 110
Durability: 50
Base Weapon Speed: [5]
+200% Enhanced Damage
35% Chance of Crushing Blow
All Resistances +20
+20% Increased Attack Speed
  Bul Kathos' Tribal Guardian
Bul-Kathos' Tribal Guardian
Mythical Sword
One Handed Damage: 120 To 150 (135 Avg)
Required Level: 66
Required Strength: 147
Required Dexterity: 124
Durability: 44
Base Weapon Speed: [0]
+200% Enhanced Damage
+50 Poison Damage Over 2 Seconds
Fire Resist +50%
+20 To Strength
+20% Increased Attack Speed
  Set Bonus Complete Set Bonus
+2 To All Skill Levels
+200 To Attack Rating
+200% Damage To Demons
+200% Damage To Undead
+20 Fire Damage
+25 Defense

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