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Diablo 2 Sorceress Skill Calculator

Here you can find a skill tree calculator for Sorceress as well as for every class in the game.

Ice Bolt Frozen Armor Frost Nova Ice Blast Shiver Armor Glacial Spike Blizzard Chilling Armor Frozen Orb Cold Mastery
Charged Bolt Static Field Telekenesis Nova Lightning Chain Lightning Teleport Thunder Storm Energy Shield Lightning Mastery
Firebolt Warmth Inferno Blaze Fireball Firewall Enchant Meteor Fire Mastery Hydra

Click to increase skill by 1, Right-Click to decrease by 1

Shift-click to add or Shift-Right-Click to remove max points.

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Character Classes Paladin Druid Sorceress Barbarian Necromancer Assassin Amazon
Links to skill calculators for each class:

Amazon / Assassin / Barbarian / Necromancer / Druid / Sorceress / Paladin

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