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Blood Moor

Blood Moor is the first zone in Diablo II outside of town. It's infested by Quills, Fallens and Zombies. It is also the scene for the first quest in the game - The Den of Evil. The Den of Evil is a cave/dungeon within the zone. Enemies are weak and slow and the terrain is mostly wilderness.

Interesting facts:


Blood Moor
Property Normal Nightmare Hell
Area lvl 1 36 67
Random Bosses No Yes Yes
Uniques mlvl 4 39 70
Champions mlvl 3 38 69
Super-uniques No
Gold Chest No
Waypoint No
Quest No
Cave/Dungeon Den of Evil


The map is predominantely wilderness with some trees, stones and holes. There sometimes be a river to cross with a bridge. There is a distinct a well-trodden path which players can follow to reach the Den of Evil and Cold Plains even without knowing the map.

Map variation

The map is random in nature but pointers can be made such as from which side of the Rogue Encampment you are exiting. For example, if you are exiting the Rogue Encampment from the south you would generally go left or right and not straight.




Flavie stands on the exit of Blood Moor towards Cold Plains. She is an elite Rogue Scout of the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye. Before completion of the Den of Evil quest, she advises the player to stay in the Blood Moor. After completion of the quest, she warns them about the dangers ahead. She will assist with killing mobs although she stays static at her position. Her damage helps on Normal but is negligible on Hell.

She will have the following dialogue with you:

Before the hero has taken the Den of Evil quest:

Turn back! I can tell that you need more experience to fight safely in the next wilderness.

While the hero is on the Den of Evil quest but not compelted it:

Halt! You should complete Akara's quest before venturing further. Search for the Den in the wilderness closer to camp.

After Den of Evil quest is completed:

Beware! The evil is strong ahead.

Beware! Beyond lies mortal danger for the likes of you!

Take care! The Corrupted Rogues in the wilderness ahead are not to be trifled with.

Music & Quotes


On area entry:


"I shall purge this land of the shadow."


"They'll never see me coming."


"Beware foul demons and beasts."


"So it begins."


"All who oppose me, beware."


"I will cleanse this wilderness."


"Evil beware."

Level Theme: Wild


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Next Zone - Den of Evil


Rogue Encampment


Blood Moor

Blood Moor

Den of Evil

Den of Evil

Burial Grounds

Burial Grounds

Cold Plains

Cold Plains

The Cave

The Cave


The Crypt


Stony Field



The Underground Passage


Dark Wood


The Forgotten Tower

Black marsh

The Hole


Tamoe Highland

The Pit


Monastery Gate


Outer Cloister






Inner Cloister






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