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Ward Bow

Widowmaker Ward Bow is an elite unique item with level requirement of 65 and Quality Level of 73


One-Hand Damage: (50-60) To (132-159) (91 - 109.5 Avg)
Durability: Indestructible
Required Dexterty: 146
Required Strength: 72
Required Level: 65
Quality Level: 73
Weapon Speed: [0]
Damage Bonus: 100 Dex
Magic Properties:
Fires Magic Arrows
+150-200% Enhanced Damage (varies)
Ignores Target's Defense
+33% Deadly Strike
+3-5 To Guided Arrow (varies)
(Patch 1.10 or later)
(Ladder Only)'

Real Random Item

WidowmakerWard Bow


WidowmakerWard Bow


D2: Ressurected

D2: Legacy/Classic

Upped versions

Elite Versions cannot be upped

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