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Sky Spirit

Ravenlore Sky Spirit is an elite unique item with level requirement of 67 and Quality Level of 75


Defense: 343-390 (366 avg)
Ethereal Defense: 513-583 (548 avg)
Durability: 20
Ethereal Durability: 11
Required Strength: 113
Required Strength (Eth): 103
Required Level: 67
Quality Level: 75
(Druid Only)
Magic Properties:
+3 To Elemental Skills (Druid Only)
-10-20% To Enemy Fire Resistance (varies)
+7 To Raven (Druid Only)
+120-150% Enhanced Defense (varies)
+20-30 To Energy (varies)
All Resistances +15-25 (varies)
(Patch 1.10 or later)

Real Random Item

RavenloreSky SpiritRavenloreSky Spirit


RavenloreSky SpiritRavenloreSky Spirit


D2: Ressurected

D2: Legacy/Classic

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