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Cerebus' Bite
Blood Spirit

Cerebus' Bite Blood Spirit is an elite unique item with level requirement of 63 and Quality Level of 71


Defense: 335-350 (342 avg)
Ethereal Defense: 502-524 (513 avg)
Durability: 20
Ethereal Durability: 11
Required Strength: 86
Required Strength (Eth): 76
Required Level: 63
Quality Level: 71
(Druid Only)
Magic Properties:
+2-4 To Shape Shifting Skills (Druid Only) (varies)
60-120% Bonus to Attack Rating (varies)
7-10% Life Stolen Per Hit (varies)
+33% Chance of Open Wounds
+1-2 To Feral Rage (Druid Only) (varies)
+130-140% Enhanced Defense (varies)
(Patch 1.10 or later)
(Ladder Only)'

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Cerebus' BiteBlood SpiritCerebus' BiteBlood Spirit


Cerebus' BiteBlood SpiritCerebus' BiteBlood Spirit


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