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Blackoak Shield

Blackoak Shield Luna is an elite unique item with level requirement of 61 and Quality Level of 67


Defense: 322-372 (347 avg)
Ethereal Defense: 482-556 (519 avg)
Durability: 129
Ethereal Durability: 66
Required Strength: 100
Required Strength (Eth): 90
Required Level: 61
Quality Level: 67
Smite Damage: 17 to 29
Chance to Block:
50% (Paladin)
45% (Amazon,Assassin,Barbarian)
40% (Druid,Sorceress,Necromancer)
Armor Type: Light
Speed: -50
Magic Properties:
4% Chance To Cast Level 5 Weaken When Struck
+50% Faster Block Rate
+160-200% Enhanced Defense (varies)
+49 To Dexterity (Based On Character Level)
+123 To Life (Based On Character Level)
+61 Absorbs Cold Damage (Based On Character Level)
Half Freeze Duration
(Patch 1.10 or later)

Real Random Item

Blackoak ShieldLunaBlackoak ShieldLuna


Blackoak ShieldLunaBlackoak ShieldLuna


D2: Ressurected

D2: Legacy/Classic

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