25.06.2020 - No Remaster announcement yet

With a single blow, the exectations that we are going to hear about a D2 Remaster on 29th of June (on the 20th Anniversary) are gone. A community manager made the uncommon move to post in Reddit and disperse the rumors.

Hey all - We don't usually comment on rumors, but before this hype train goes off the rails we wanted to clarify that there are no upcoming Diablo announcements in June. The minions of hell are hard at work getting ready for the start of the next Diablo III Season, bringing you the next Diablo IV quarterly update (very) soon™, and we have some fun activities planned around the upcoming 20th anniversary of Diablo II.
No Remaster Confirmation
The response confirming there will be no D2 remaster announecement


Page link: https://www.diablo-2.net/news/no-remaster-announce-yet