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29.06.2020 - Happy 20 Anniversary Diablo II

Today our favorite game turns 20!!!!

Some days after the game went out, I went to a "bazar" and bought myself a cut single-player only copy of the game and went home to install it to my "gaming rig" of 256MB RAM and Petnium 4. Huge beast back then. The jouney started. Me and my friend started playing one character and taking turns so we do this 24/7. Our pick? - A Necromancer with a Polaxe, killing Diablo on Normal after 100 deaths and 1h10m of fighting. Glorious days.

So how did Blizzard respond to the 20th Anniversary?

We received an email with the following content:

Diablo II 20 Years Anniversary

Animation created by CarbotAnimations and sponsored by Blizzard called "Diablo 2 Baal Runz 101"

New Baal-like Diablo 3 Wings for anyone who logs in.

Diablo II 20 Years Anniversary

New physical statue for sale on the blizz gear store

Diablo II 20 Years Anniversary

A Blizzard-sponsored MrLammaSC anniversary speed run

Diablo II 20 Years Anniversary

And some posts about what Diablo 2 is to some of the people in Blizzard

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