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18.02.2020 - Diablo II Remaster hope comes back

In a recent TweakTown article, the hopes of Diablo II Remastered are renewed as Activision Blizzard CEO - Bobby Kotick announcened the following during the last Q420 earning's call:

"In addition, our business units will continue to tap into our portfolio of beloved IP to bring several remastered and re-imagined experiences to our players in 2020, which we will announce closer to launch,".

There is fear however of Diablo II Remastered being a let down just like Warcraft III: Reforged after the recent debacle. We, the true fans, remain optmistic and will continue to support the game and develope tools for it.

Another fear of Diablo II Remastered are the huge technical difficulties of how the game is designed. For example, monsters attack you based on line of sight, so the question is how will they attack you when the screen is now 8 times bigger in resolution. This is explained in good detail by the one and only David Brevick(legendary Diablo I and II game creator & designer). Read more about it here.

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