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Here you can find infromation about all of the shrines in the game.

Image Name Effect Recharges  in min. Duration Message
  Armor Shrine +100% Defense 5 96 sec "Your skin hardens."
  Маna recharge +400% mana regeneration 5 96 sec "Your spiritual forces recover quickly."
  Combat Shrine +200% to Attack Rating, +200% min and max damage 5 96 sec "You feel ready for battle."
  Resist Fire Shrine +75% to resist fire 5 144 sec "You no longer fear fire."
  Resist Cold Shrine +75% to resist cold 5 144 sec "You no longer fear cold."
  Resist Lightning Shrine +75% to resist lightning 5 144 sec "You no longer fear lightning."
  Resist Poison Shrine +75% to resist poison 5 144 sec "You no longer fear poison."
  Skill Shrine +2 to all Skills 5 96 sec "You feel more skillful."
  Stamina Shrine Unlimited Stamina 5 192 sec "The weight of world seems lighter."
  Experience Shrine 50% more experience 0 144 sec "Your experience teaches you well."
               Replenishes Health, Mana and Stamina            
2 - -
  Refilling Shrine Replenishes Health and Mana 5 - "You feel refreshed"
  Health Shrine Replenishes Health 2 - "You feel healthy"
  Mana Shrine Replenishes Mana 2 - "You feel recharged."
  Portal Shrine Opens a Town Portal for free - - "The freedom to go home"
  Fire Shrine All players and monsters lose 50% life, Fireballs - - "A fiery death..."
  Monster Shrine Closest monster becomes Unique or Champion. - - "Death's advicate approaches"
  Gem Shrine Upgrades one random gem in your inventory by 1 level up or drops a random chipped if you don't have any gems in your inventory - - "A marvelous gem..."
  Exploding Shrine Releases 5-10 Exploding potions and drops 5 Exploding potions in different directions - - "A circle of flame..."
  Poison Shrine Releases 5-10 Poison gas Potions и creates a poison gas ring around the altar - - "A circle of death..."

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