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Diablo 2 Mercenaries

In Diablo 2 you can hire mercenaries to help you on your journey. They can be a very helpful companions casting spells or providing auras

Mercenaries Facts

  • Mercs can level up just like you do but they can never be higher level than you. That's why their level cap is 98.
  • All Acts except Act IV provide different types of mercs for you to hire. Each with unique skills and spells
  • If a merc dies, he can be resurrected from the NPC responsible for hiring the Mercenaries. The cost incraeses with the Merc levels but to 50.000 Gold max
  • Mercs can die from poisons too
  • You can give them potions or heal them on the town's healer together with you
  • Mercs can be equiped with Items. They only have Weapon, helm and armor
  • Ethereal items do not lose durability when worn by a Merc
  • They don't have mana and they cast spells on their own - you can't control them
  • If you Teleport they will be teleported aslongside you
  • The most popular Mercs are the ones from Act II (Desert Mercenaries) who provide and aura to you and your party(including themselves)

Mercenary stats

Act Hired From Mercenary Type Equipment Level Up Stats Skills Notes
I Kashya Rogue Scouts Armor, Helms, Bows (no Crossbows) +1 Strength
+2 Dexterity
+6.5 Defense
+2 all Resist
+8 Life
Ice Arrow and Inner Sight, or Fire Arrow and Inner Sight Cannot use Amazon-only equipment.
II Greiz Desert Mercenaries Armor, Helms, Spears, Polearms +1.5 Strength
+1.5 Dexterity
+9.5 Defense
+2 all Resist
+10 Life
Hired in Normal
Combat - Jab / Prayer
Defense - Jab / Defiance
Offense - Jab / Blessed Aim
Hired in Nightmare
Combat - Jab / Thorns
Defense - Jab / Holy Freeze
Offense - Jab / Might Hired in Hell
Combat - Jab / Prayer
Defense - Jab / Defiance
Offense - Jab / Blessed Aim
Will share their auras with all party members.
III Asheara Ironwolves Armor, Helms, Shields, Swords +1.5 Strength
+1.5 Dexterity
+4.5 Defense
+2 all Resist
+6 Life
Lightning - Charged Bolt and Lightning
Fire - Inferno and Fireball
Cold - Glacial Spike or Ice Blast and Frozen Armor
They do not use their sword as a melee weapon; find one that is good for casting spells.
IV Can't hire mercs in Act IV, but Tyrael can resurrect for you.
V Qual-Kehk Barbarians Armor, Helms, Barbarian Helms, Swords (can't dual wield +2 Strength
+1.5 Dexterity
+7.5 Defense
+1.5 all Resist
+12 Life
Bash or Stun Can wear Barbarian class-specific helms.

Mercenary types

Act I - Rogue Scouts

Allowed equipment : Armor, Helms, Bows (no Crossbows and Amazon-only bows)

Fire / Cold Arrow (If she is hired from Normal - The stats will be worse than if she is hired from НМ/Hell.

Act II - Desert Mercenaries

The Desert Mercenaries are very unique in that they provide one of the Paladin's auras from which everyone can benefit


Combat = Prayer

Defensive = Defiance

Offensive = Blessed Aim


Combat = Thorns

Defensive = Holy Freeze

Offensive = Might


Combat = Prayer

Defensive = Defiance

Offensive = Blessed Aim

Allowed equipment: Armor, Helms, Spears, Polearms, Javelins (no Throwing)

Prayer – regens life , Defiance – Increases Defense, Blessed Aim – Increases AR , Thorns – deals damage back to attacker , Holy Freeze – Slows Monsters , Might – Increases Melee Damage.


Blessed Aim & Defiance



Holy Freeze

Аct III Iron Wolves

Despite their looks these mercenaries are casters. They case Fire, Cold and Lightning spells

Allowed equipment: Armor, Helms, Shields and Swords




Аct IV

Act IV does not have any mercenaries to offer but Tyrael will be able to ressurect your existing ones.

Аct V Barbarians

These mercs are barbarian based with the Bash & Stun skills.

Allowed equipment : Armor, Helms, Barbarian Class-specific Helms and Swords (cannot dual-wield)

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