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Uber Tristram and Diablo Clone

Uber Tristram (Pandemonium Event) and Diablo Clone are events that only exist in the servers of the game. This means that you can't really fake farm them and the rewards from them are non-existent on Single or Multiplayer. These two events came to the stage as a high end content for expeirenced players to try out, bringing huge rewards and hard bosses to the table. Especially on hardcore.

Table of Contents

  • Key of Terror
  • Key of Hate
  • Key of Destruction
  • Forgotten Sands
  • Furnace of Pain
  • Matron's Den
  • Uber Tristram
  • Uber Mephisto
  • Pandemonium Diablo
  • Uber Baal
  • Pandemonium Rewards
  • Diablo Clone
  • Uber Tristram

    Uber Tristram as players call it is actually an event called The Pandemonium Event.

    To start the event you will need 3x of each Key type. Key of Terror, Key of Hate and Key of Destruction.

    Key of Terror

    Key of Terror drop from The Countess Act 1 Forgotten Tower level 5 in Black Marsh on Hell. Drop chance is failry high. The exact drop rate is this:

    1 or 2 players: 7%
    3 or 4 players: 9.1%
    5 or 6 players: 9.6%
    7 or 8 players: 9.8%

    Key of Hate

    The next key is Key of Hate. Drops from The Summoner in Arcane Sanctuary Act 2 Hell

    1-2 players: 8.6%
    3-4 players: 11.6%
    5-6 players: 12.5%
    7-8 players: 12.8%

    Key of Destruction

    And the last key is Key of Destruction and drops from Nihlatak in Halls of Vaught - Hell, following the quest to save Anya - Betrayal of Harrogath. Be very careful going there, especially if you are hardcore. For hardcore you need to be exceptionally strong to even try. There is a chance that Tomb Viper monsters can spawn, who can kill a 3000 HP char in a second. They have a poison based attack which without sufficient poison resist can one shot. The snakes themselves are pretty weak in terms of HP so they should be one shotable too. Also if you are a teleporter you might just skip most of them and go straight to Nihlatak but there might be a few of them surronding him. The other thing to look out for is his Corpse Explosion. There might be the posibility to go there equiped with Natures Peace Ring that prevents corpses from being raised or used. The drop chance of the Key of Destruction is pretty low especially compared to the other 2 keys.

    But also expect miracles every now and then :)

    Now start farming for these keys. The full set of keys needed is often called - "Keyset" or "3х3".

    Now you are ready to start The Pandemonium Event. Take the keys with you and start a new game on Hell and go in Act 5. Put one of each type of key in the Horadric Cube-a and Transmute. One of the 3 possible red portals will open - Matrons Den, Forgotten Sands or Furnace of Pain. The whole reason you want to do the 3 in one game is because which portal opens first is random so you might end up with the same first portal if you do them in different games

    Another advice! When you open the portals - dont open them on top of each other or otherwise you may end up not able to enter becuase they are stacked. Best way is to pick up the Cube with you and open them away from each other.

    Forgotten Sands

    Ok, lets say the first portal is Forgotten Sands.

    Entering the portal you need to find Uber Duriel. He is many many times harder than the original Duriel. So be prepared.
    The general tactic of killing these bosses is with max amount of Crushing Blow (70%). Reason for its effectiveness is that Crushing Blow drains % of the total HP of the boss. The Uber boss is 600,000 HP with 1 player in the game. With this health pool Crushing Blow obliterates them. Special spec of Paladin is used in these Uber runs - Smiters. They are primarily skilled on Smite, Holy Shield and Fanaticism. Why Paladin? Becuase with 30,000 atack rating you have more than 80% to miss an Uber but the Paladins Smite has no attack rating and always hits. So what do we gear our paladin with? Crushing Blow, Health, Max Resist and Draculus Grasp Vampirebone Gloves. The gloves are essential in this build as well as the Last Wish runeword which gives chance on hit to cast Life Tap curse. This is how paladins survive the event while others cant because they dont hit the bosses often enough, therefore not healing enough from the Life tap. A Smiter is capable of solo-ing the entire event. If you dont have a Smiter you might give it a try with 5 normal characters.
    After your kill Duriel, he will drop Baals Eye.

    Furnace of Pain

    Take the eye and open the next portal, again with 1 key of each kind. Lets say your next portal is Furnace of Pain.

    You enter the portal and you encounter the nasty mages with the curse Iron Maiden. Beware if you are a melee class. Send your mages to kill them, then confront Uber Izual. He uses Cold, just like normal Izual but of course stronger. Kill him and he drops Mephistos Brain.

    Pick up the brain. Open your last portal, this time it will be the 3rd and only 1 left - Matrons Den.

    Matron's Den

    Uber Andariel lives there but this time she is called Lilith. The most dangerous of all Ubers. Very hard hitting physical strikes, as well as lethal Poison. Mercs are easily killed in this encounter. Nasty fact is that there are a lot of succubuus that cast Amplify Damage, which doubles all Liliths damage. Try to clear them before engaging her. In the end she drops the last part - Diablos Horn.

    Now you have all three parts of the Ubers called the Organ set. You can even sell them, they go expensive on the market. But we are here to use them so put them into your Horadric Cube and transmute. Another red portal - Tristram. This is where it gets serious.

    Uber Tristram

    So before you go in, couple of things to have in mind what awaits you inside. The Organ sets consits of the parts of the three Ubers you will face in Tristram (Uber Mephisto, Pandemonium Diablo (Not Uber Diablo) and Uber Baal) but this time you wont fight them 1 by 1 as you did so far - they will be all together on a small area such as Tristram. Experienced players would try to pull them 1 by 1 successfully. Important to remember is to start with the deadlies of the three - Mephisto. He uses Conviction aura which will destroy your resistences... with a lot. It's not rare to die fighting him. Diablo and Baal are not that dangerous. Pull Mephisto into the top right corner of the map and kill him before going to the center where Baal and Diablo are.

    Uber Mephisto

    He has a very high level of Conviction aura which will bring your Max resists to negative valies making you extermely vulnerable to his attacks. He also summons Skeleton Mages that use elemental attacks. The only way to really leech HP from him is to use Life Tap. He uses spellsl ike Lightning Bolt, Charged Bolt, Poison Nova, "Skull" Missile, Frost Nova, Blizzard and Conviction Aura.

    Statistics Defenses
    • Level: 110
    • Experience: 3,409,600
    • Hit Points: 650,000-660,000
    • Melee Attack #1:
      • Damage: 487-572
      • Attack Rating : 13064
    • Melee Attack #2:
      • Damage: 487-572
      • Attack Rating : 13064
    • Defense: 3360
    • Blocking: 50%
    • Resistances:
      • to Physical: 20%
      • to Magic: 75%
      • to Fire: 75%
      • to Cold: 75%
      • to Lightning: 110%
      • to Poison: 110%
    • Immunities: Lightning and Poison
    • Drain Effectiveness: 0
    • Chill Effectiveness: 10

    Pandemonium Diablo

    This version of Diablo is a really buffed version of the normal Diablo. His Bone Prison has insane healthpool and is difficult to destroy. His Fire Wall is even more deadly than the normal version. You can use Decripify curse when he starts running on Charge to slow him down. The Red Lightning can be survived with good Physical and Lightning resist. His regen is 2.0 times the normal rate. Uses Armageddon skill too.

    Statistics Defenses
    • Level: 110
    • Experience: 5,539,200
    • Hit Points: 650,000-660,000
    • Melee Attack #1:
      • Damage: 481-494
      • Attack Rating: 14043
    • Melee Attack #2:
      • Damage: 143-299
      • Attack Rating: 13064
    • Defense: 2940
    • Blocking: 50%
    • Resistances:
      • to Physical: 50%
      • to Magic: 75%
      • to Fire: 110%
      • to Cold: 75%
      • to Lightning:75%
      • to Poison: 75%
    • Immunities: Fire
    • Drain Effectiveness: 15
    • Chill Effectiveness: 10

    Uber Baal

    He does not possess any new spells, unlike the other uber monsters but his abilities are again a lot more powerful than his normal version. Just kill him last.

    Statistics Defenses
    • Level: 110
    • Experience: 10,336,000
    • Hit Points: 650,000-660,000
    • Offense:
      • Melee Attack #1: 429-494
        • Attack Rating: 16,330
      • Melee Attack #2: 214-312
        • Attack Rating: 16,330
    • Defense: 3,150
    • to Block: 55%
    • Resistances:
      • to Physical: 50%
      • to Magic:75%
      • to Fire:75%
      • to Cold: 110%
      • to Lightning: 75%
      • to Poison: 75%
    • Immunities: Cold
    • Drain Effectiveness: 20
    • Chill Effectiveness: 15

    Pandemonium Rewards

    Kill them and claim your reward - Hellfire Torch - a unique Large Charm. You can only wear 1 Torch so if all your characters fighting the Ubers have torches, you will need to bring in mules. The order in which you kill the Ubers does not matter, the last one you kill will drop the Torch. Together with the Torch they drop Standard of Heroes which is something like a trophy from the battle. Doesn't serve any purpose but to brag with it. Probably wont need to pick it up at all.

    Now that the hard part is over you can take a deep breath and identify it. What stats it will be? For what Class?

    Here is a video of a Smiter soloing the event:

    Diablo Clone

    Unlike Pandemonium event, this event is random and you cant do it whenever you feel like it. Just like the Pandemonium event, this one only appears in Battlenet servers. The clone (Uber Diablo) can appear in any Hell difficulty game regardless of an open game or password protected game. If you manage to kill him, he drops a unique Small Charm - Annihilus or "Anni" for short.

    How to know where he might spawn?

    He spawns by people selling Stone of Jordan unique rings to vendors. Yes .... you are not halucinating.... people are vendoring SoJs to make him spawn. You will notice "6433 Stones of Jordan sold to Merchants" appear as a message in your game. This means that someone is selling SoJs on the server you are connected so there is a high chance that he might spawn inside your game so do not exit the game! Dont be shocked by the number of sold SoJs that appear in the message. These are the total SoJs sold on this server from the start of If he indeed spawns in your game you will see a message "Diablo Walks the Earth".

    Back in the day there used to be a way of knowing which server you are connected to and try do make as many games with your frinds as possible ending up on the same server on which the SoJs are being sold.

    The way to do it is while in the game where you see that SoJs are being sold, alt tab and open a Windows Command Prompt (CMD). Type netstat -n | find "4000" and look for the IP address that will come up with a connection on port 4000 and status "ESTABLISHED" connection (screenshot example below). So we have identified the IP address of the server on which the SoJs are being sold. Ask friends to join games and do the same with the command prompt window until they hit the same server IP address as you in their games. If they manage to do it, just wait if he spawns.

    Ok I was lucky and he spawned in my game but where to find him?

    A lot of places will tell you that he can spawn in all Acts in a place of a superunique monster but most of the times you will find him on Rakanishu's place in Stony Field Act 1 or Bishibosh in Cold Plains Act 1. First go there and if you don't find him, start going to superunique mobs locations.

    Is he strong? Can you solo him?
    He is different from Pandemonium Diablo! Seems a little weaker from stats standpoint. He casts Armageddon and some other non-Diablo abilities + all of his nomral abilities. He also regenerates health at 1.2% per sec rate. Just like the other Ubers

    Statistics Defenses
    • Level: 110
    • Experience: 0
    • Hit Points: 642,700
    • Offense:
      • Melee Attack #1: 130-247
        • Attack Rating: 14,043
      • Melee Attack #2: 143-299
        • Attack Rating: 13,064
    • Defense: 2,940
    • to Block: 50%
    • Resistances:
      • to Physical: 50%
      • to Magic:50%
      • to Fire:95%
      • to Cold: 95%
      • to Lightning: 95%
      • to Poison: 95%
    • Immunities: Cold
    • Drain Effectiveness: 15
    • Chill Effectiveness: 0

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