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1 Week of 24/7 MF runs - Item find report

I have been running a single player kolbot for 1 week for science just to make a good summary report of what are the findings and to create an item find report based on the data. Again, this is "For Science!" as I don't even play so botting there is tremendously bad. I do not encourage it one bit!!! Please if you are going to bot, do it offline. Please!

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Diablo II 1.14d (official version). Two characters running simultaneously for 24/7 for 1 week.

They are:

Hammerdin running the standard build with Hammers and Holy Bolt for mobs immune to Magic. Gear is HoTo, Shako, Spirit Shield, Mara, Raven, SoJ, Trag'Oul gloves War Traveler for boots for extra MF and 1 perfect Gheeds. Charms are 20 life, Anni and Torch. Total MF: 238%

MF Sorceress with Oculus, Shako, 3 Tal Rashsa items (Amulet, Armor, Belt), War Traveler, Nagel, Raven, Stormshield, Chance Guard 40. Charms are all 7MF, Gheeds, Anni and Torch. Everything is socketed with IST. Total MF: 647%

Both running on normal /players 1.

Paladin runs:

  • Mausoleum
  • Pit
  • Ancient Tunnels
  • Kurast Temples (Ruined Fane, Forgotten Temple, Reliquary)
  • Travincal
  • Mephisto (+Councils)
  • Shenk, Eldritch, DacFarren, Pindleskin, Nihlatak

Sorceress runs:

  • Mausoleum
  • Pit
  • Ancient Tunnels
  • Summoner
  • Duriel
  • Kurast Temples (Ruined Fane, Forgotten Temple, Reliquary)
  • Mephisto
  • Shenk, Eldritch, DacFarren, Pindleskin

What items they pick up?

They are picking up only Unidentified Elite level Unique items and Elite level Set items. They also will pick up good charms and jewels as well as good white/superior socketed items with enhancements that are perfect for rune words

We are not looking for "best" items. We are just looking for worthy items. Stormspire Giant Thresher might be a bad item but it's very rare so every collectionist wants to find one just for the find itself. We also have some other entries such as Vampiregaze Grim Helm or Titan's or Arreat Face Slayer Guard who are all Exceptional level items but are part of the hunt


So the routine is this - they run, I empty their inventories, save screenshot of loots (feature of Kolbot) and then screenshot the items found in this session (displayed on the kolbot item column. Here is how I do it in more details:

I let them run all day long from about 09:00 in the morning up until 23:00 in the evening. That's when I empty their inventories, record and screenshot the loot and call it a "Day". Note that sometimes if they are with full Stashes and Inventories and I catch it in time, I might do this in the middle of the day just so I can free up their space but it has happened that they run for some time with full inventories not picking up anything.

Then I clean the items log inside the kolbot item log so it starts fresh and let them run all night - from 23:00 to 09:00. Then i do the same. Empty inventories and stashes, record and screenshot the session and call it a "Night".

What do I do when I say I "empty" their inventories? Well I certainly don't delete the items. I use Hero Editor to Export them to files which can later be imported back and identified for fun and other uses

Day 1

Here is the report from the first night of hunting. Very early the Sorceress finds a unique Corona in the Kurast Temple - Disused Fane, which I consider to be "crème de la crème" of rare finds. Insanely Elite, insanely rare and also incredibly useful drop. 2 High runes (HRs) for the night and a very rare Spired Helm.

1st Night of hunting

During the day 3 Hrs and mostly normal drops without anything very special

1st Day of hunting

Day 2

During the 2nd night the highlights are a pair of Steelrend Ogre Gauntlets, Cranium Basher Thunder Maul and Griswold's Vortex Shield

2nd Night of hunting

During the 2nd day a lot of drops in general and a lot good drops. The highlights are Arkaine's Valor Balrog Skin, Doombringer Champion Sword and few Elite set pieces.

2nd Day of hunting


During the 3rd night of hunting we open strong with another "crème de la crème" - unique Sacred Armor. Templar's Coat or Tyreal's Might (unlikely). We then see something incredible - 2 Ber runes on the same character within 4 minutes of each other. They have dropped in Ancient Tunnels and Ruined Temple. After that we have a couple of mid-level items such as Shako(s), Zakarums, Gul rune, a Ward and a Scourge.

3rd Night of hunting

During the 3rd day of hunting we have a huge dominance of the Hammerdin over the MF Sorceress in terms of items found. Highlights are Sacred Armor and Diadem found within 1 hour and 3 HRs - Ohm, Ber and Jah. Other notable mentions are Thunder Maul, Ethereal Wire Fleece and Trag'Oul Helm.

3rd Day of hunting

Day 4

I removed a few items from the list such as Ogre Maul and few others. Pretty low drop rate on Night 4. 2x Bone Visage, 1 Unique 1 Set but very good on high runes - 3 - Gul, Ber, Vex

4th Night of hunting

Day 4 - quite different from the others. A lot less findings but probably due to full inventories. Had little time to empty them during the day. We got some good shots today - Diadem, Colossus Blade, Spiderweb Sash, Sur Rune, Balrog Skin, SoJ, Aegis

4th Day of hunting

Day 5

During Night of Day 5, I've had had power surge so there were very few runs and in the morning i didn't have a report from the console on what items have been found so no screenshot for the night. I logged in to the chracters and I found a Berserker Axe, Thresher, Set Ward, Shadow Plate and a set Canthor Trophy.

No image

During Day 5, the large quantity of drops is back. No high runes but a lot of items in general. Notable mentions - Corona from Nihlatak, 533 Tal Rasha Armor and Set Caduceus.

5th Day of hunting

Day 6

Nothing special during Night 6

6th Night of hunting

Day 6 was also not very special. Nothing dropped until the late afternoon and then it all started dropping but nothing special. The first Cryptic Axe drop.

6th Day of hunting

Day 7

Last night of running, a little bit better drops. The High runes returned. Also Mara 28 and Lo rune from Duriel! Who could guess.

7th Night of hunting

Last day of the running is also not hugely impressive. The highlight is a Shimmering Grand Charm of Vita (40 life 15% all resist). My first Natalya Mark Scissors Suwayyah dropped today.

7th Day of hunting

Summary of all items


Item drop by type

Item Count
Phase Blade 11
Thresher 8
Dusk Shroud 7
Mighty Scepter 7
Shako 7
Eldritch Orb 6
Spired Helm 6
Wire Fleece 6
Ber Rune 5
Blood Spirit 5
Bone Visage 5
Caduceus 5
Fury Visor 5
Gilded Shield 5
Lacquered Plate 5
Monarch 5
Ogre Maul 5
Sacred Rondache 5
Scourge 5
Troll Belt 5
Gul Rune 4
Kraken Shell 4
Mythical Sword 4
Ogre Axe 4
Ward 4
Colossus Blade 3
Corona 3
Diadem 3
Earth Spirit 3
Grim Helm 3
Rainbow Facet Jewel 3
Serpentskin Armor 3
Spiderweb Sash 3
Aegis 2
Balrog Skin 2
Cantor Trophy 2
Ceremonial Javelin 2
Champion Axe 2
Champion Sword 2
Demonhead 2
Destroyer Helm 2
Hydra Bow 2
Lo Rune 2
Mara's Kaleidoscope Amulet 2
Ogre Gauntlets 2
Sacred Armor 2
Sky Spirit 2
Sur Rune 2
Tiara 2
Troll Nest 2
Vex Rune 2
War Pike 2
Jah Rune 2
Avenger Guard 1
Battle Gauntlets 1
Ceremonial Pike 1
Chilling Grand Charm of Sustenance 1
Cryptic Axe 1
Ghost Glaive 1
Giant Thresher 1
Glorious Axe 1
Grand Matron Bow 1
Ist Rune 1
Legendary Mallet 1
Lich Wand 1
Lion Branded Grand Charm 1
Ohm Rune 1
Reinforced Mace 1
Scissors Suwayyah 1
Shadow Plate 1
Sharp Grand Charm of Sustenance 1
Shimmering Grand Charm of Vita 1
Shimmering Small Charm of Fortune 1
Superior Ancient Armor 1
Superior Cuirass 1
The Stone of Jordan Ring 1
Thunder Maul 1
Toxic Small Charm of Inertia 1
Vortex Shield 1
Total 228


So the first conclusion is this - first of all the sheer number of items, two characters running 24/7 can find is just imense, which shows how bad botting in really is where the gameplay should be cheat free.

Second, let's look at Magic Find (MF). The differnece between them is huge - 238% vs 657%. Look at the numbers below:

Char Items found
Hammerdin 111
MF Sorc 117

I can say that above 300% it is probably not worth it. Of course, if you are running fine at 650% and don't die and you do relatively quick runs - of course it's OK to play with this amount of MF but if we seek brutal efficiency, it probably isn't worth having more than 300%.

Third conclusion is that the Kurast Temples performed a little bit better than Mausoleum, Pit and Ancient Tunnels. Most of the good drops are actually from the temples, including most of the high runes (HRs). However, Kurast temples are hard for a MF Sorceress and i've had a dozen chickens on the Sorc but despite the chickens the Sorc pulled out a lot of rare items from there than from Mausoleum, Pit and Ancient Tunnels.

Items that did not drop

Items that were not picked up

Items that were left on the ground because of no inventory space

Missed items
<No room for> (unique) Colossus Blade
<No room for> (unique) Gilded Shield
<No room for> (unique) War Pike
<No room for> (unique) Battle Gauntlets
<No room for> (unique) Sacred Rondache
<No room for> (unique) Phase Blade
<No room for> (unique) Grand Crown
<No room for> (unique) Tiara
<No room for> (unique) Shadow Plate
<No room for> (unique) Heavy Gloves
<No room for> (unique) Dusk Shroud
<No room for> (unique) Hydra Bow
<No room for> (unique) Balrog Skin
<No room for> (unique) Serpentskin Armor
<No room for> (unique) Cryptic Axe
<No room for> (unique) Ogre Maul
<No room for> (unique) Demonhide Boots
<No room for> (unique) Ring
<No room for> (unique) Scourge
<No room for> (unique) Ceremonial Javelin
<No room for> (unique) Caduceus
<No room for> (unique) Demonhide Sash
<No room for> (unique) Chain Gloves
<No room for> (unique) Amulet
<No room for> (unique) Vampirebone Gloves
<No room for> (unique) Spired Helm
<No room for> (unique) Thresher
<No room for> (unique) Monarch
<No room for> (unique) Totemic Mask
<No room for> (unique) Matriarchal Javelin
<No room for> (unique) Lich Wand
<No room for> (unique) Heavy Belt
<No room for> (unique) Jewel
<No room for> (unique) Cuirass
<No room for> (unique) Elder Staff
<No room for> (unique) Yari
<No room for> (unique) Conqueror Crown
<No room for> (unique) Grim Helm
<No room for> (set) Shadow Plate
<No room for> (set) Battle Boots
<No room for> (set) Battle Gauntlets
<No room for> (set) Lacquered Plate
<No room for> (set) Bone Visage
<No room for> (set) Caduceus
<No room for> (set) Ward
<No room for> (set) Troll Belt
<No room for> (set) Scissors Suwayyah
<No room for> (set) Colossus Blade
<No room for> (set) Spired Helm
<No room for> (set) Sacred Armor
Total: 50

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